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Solution Focused Conversations

Understandably, many clients can become stuck on a certain way of thinking about or approaching a problem. The stories they tell themselves about their difficulties can focus on problems, rather than strengths or solutions. This workshop focuses on a different way of asking questions about the difficulties people face to help them move forward in a productive and solution-focused way.

About the Workshop

Solution-Focused Therapy (SFT) is a narrative therapy approach that focuses on the stories we tell (to our selves, through our thoughts, as well as shared stories we create in systems e.g. families) about our lives, our experiences & our difficulties. For many people their stories focus on problems & difficulties, whilst neglecting strengths & resources. SFT supports individuals, couples & families to explore theIr stories about their experiences,  with the aim of uncovering more helpful, productive & solution-orientated ones.

This workshop focuses on developing key SFT skills & techniques to build into clinical conversations with clients who may be experiencing ‘stuckness’ in relation to a problem, hopelessness & helplessness or whose experience may be dominated by problems. These approaches include developing a future-focus, goal setting, scaling & solution-orientated questioning.  

Register for a Workshop

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