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Emotional Regulation Skills 

Emotional dysregulation is a common symptom of many mental health presentations. Hallmarks of emotional dysregulation include marked and rapid fluctuations in affect, mood swings, lability and poor regulation of affect in proportion to experiences. This may present in clinical engagements as extreme tearfulness, anger, aggression or ‘storming off’ in response to triggers e.g. conflict, shame, fear, sad recollections etc. This workshops aims to skill the clinician with strategies and techniques to support clients to manage their distress, building their emotional regulation and distress tolerance skills.

About the Workshop

This workshop focuses on supporting clients to self-soothe & build distress tolerance skills, helping them to develop grounding skills to manage moments of overwhelm inside & outside of the session. Topics covered include:


  • Understanding our emotional regulation system

  • Developing the soothing system

  • Grounding skills

  • Distress tolerance skills

Register for a Workshop

To register your interest for a place on one of our CPD workshops please follow this link to our Eventbrite page or complete the form below for a registration form :

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