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Therapy session

Keeping Safe: Suicide Prevention

Suicidal ideation is a common symptom of many mental health presentations. Many clients can feel overwhelmed, hopeless & helpless. This can sometimes lead to suicidal behaviours such as making plans to end ones life or acting on these plans.  This workshop aims to help the clinician feel confident to respond with a compassionate, yet risk-focused stance, helping to keep clients safe.

About the Workshop

This workshop focuses on supporting the mental health practitioner to respond to suicidal ideation compassionately & empathically, whilst focusing on risk management. There is also a focus on supporting clients to self-soothe & build distress tolerance skills. Topics covered include:


  • Responding to suicidal ideation

  • Risk assessment

  • Managing risk outside the session

  • Developing distress tolerance skills

  • Clinician self-care

Register for a Workshop

To register your interest for a place on one of our CPD workshops please follow this link to our Eventbrite page or complete the form below for a registration form :

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