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Keeping Safe: Reducing Self harm

Self-harm commonly presents as a common element of many mental health presentations. Many clients can feel overwhelmed by their emotions & utilise self-harm to feel more in control or as a tool for emotional regulation.

This workshop focuses on helping clinicians and mental heath practitioners to feel more confident in responding to disclosures of self-harm. The workshop focuses on compassionate, yet risk-focused responses to self-harm, up-skilling the clinician with tools and techniques to aid alternative behaviours to self-harm. 

About the Workshop

This workshop focuses on supporting clients to   identify triggers for self-harm & to explore alternative behaviours, including self-soothing & distress tolerance skills. There is also a focus on risk management & clinician self-care. 


Topics covered include:


  • Understanding self-harm

  • Exploring triggers & maintenance factors

  • Developing self-soothing & distress tolerance skills

  • Risk management 

  • Clinician self-care

Register for a Workshop

To register your interest for a place on one of our CPD workshops please follow this link to our Eventbrite page or complete the form below for a registration form :

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