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Working with Long Term Conditions

A large number of the population are currently living with a long term physical health condition, for example chronic pain, chronic fatigue, long covid, diabetes, respiratory conditions, fibromyalgia and neurological conditions. Not only do such conditions contribute to the development of mental health difficulties and/ or psychological distress, the course of the physical health condition is affected by distress and mental health difficulties. Therefore it is imperative that any treatment incorporates both the physical and the psychological elements of our experience.


This workshop helps the clinician to consider evidence-based adaptations and adjustments to treatment approaches to enable tailored treatment in response to common symptoms such as pain, fatigue, breathlessness & cognitive dysfunction. 

About the Workshop

This workshop provides an overview of some of the common physical health conditions that patients may present with and explores various adaptations to treatment that may need to be considered. Topics include:

  • Energy conservation

  • Activity management

  • Cognitive remediation strategies

  • Working through the adjustment cycle

Register for a Workshop

To register your interest for a place on one of our CPD workshops please follow this link to our Eventbrite page or complete the form below for a registration form :

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