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Low Cost Counselling
We offer low cost counselling for a range of mild to moderate emotional difficulties, for example low mood, depression, anxiety, stress, anger and grief. These sessions are also suitable for people who would like to undertake exploratory work to understand a bit more about themselves and to reflect on their experiences. 

This service is provided by psychology and counselling trainees who are in their final stages of training, having completed level 2 and level 3 qualifications. Trainees bring a wealth of knowledge, skills and experience and receive regular clinical supervision from highly specialised clinicians.

This is a popular service, which sometimes means that clients may be required to join the wait list for these sessions. A brief screening assessment is completed with all clients accessing this service to ensure that the reason for entering therapy is compatible with trainee's competencies. 

Session rates range from £35 (with a trainee counsellor) to £45.00 (with a trainee psychologist).  

Reduced Rate Counselling & Psychological Therapy
We offer reduced rate counselling and psychological therapy to aspiring and trainee counsellors and psychologists. These sessions are delivered online and are offered by qualified clinicians who specialise in providing support to students, trainees and those working in the healthcare professions. 

Session rates range from £40 (for counselling students) to £75.00 (for trainee psychologists).  


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