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Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Healthcare Professionals

This study explores the efficacy of a group ACT intervention tailored specifically for healthcare professionals. ACT has been shown to be efficacious for reducing stress and enhancing wellbeing in various healthcare professional groups and this study lends further support to these previous findings. This research study found a 2-fold benefit to ACT approaches- as well as offering immediate relaxation outcomes, ACT also develops self-care skills for future practice.

The Role of the Clinical Psychologist in Perinatal Mental Health Services: A Critical Review of the Evidence

This literature review explores the multi-faceted role of the clinical psychologist in supporting mothers and families during the perinatal period (from conception, through pregnancy, birth and the child early years). Adopting a holistic role is crucial to ensure that mothers and families are supported during this time. Focusing on wider ecological factors affecting health is equally as important as focusing on individual factors. 

Psychological Interventions for Multiple Sclerosis

This literature review explores psychological interventions for people with Multiple Sclerosis (MS).  

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