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A Bit About Hannah Palmer

Hannah is an integrative person centred therapist and hypnotherapist who works with both adults and children. 


Hannah has worked with a range of different individuals experiencing various mental and physical health difficulties including those with depression, anxiety, health issues, pain and perinatal mental health needs. Hannah can draw from a range of different counselling approaches to tailor the therapy sessions to fit you. 

As well as offering counselling, Hannah also provides hypnotherapy to help you enter into what can be described as a relaxed subconscious state, where your mind is more open to positive change. Hypnotherapy can work well for many areas such as anxiety, pain management and addiction issues.


Her warm caring nature ensures that therapy sessions can explore reasons for coming to therapy with kindness and compassion.


Hannah offers remote counselling sessions and face to face sessions in South Gloucestershire and Bristol.

Registered member of the National Counselling Society

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To book an appointment with Hannah please complete the referral form here

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