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Couples Counelling
Psychological Therapy & Counselling 
Undertaking psychological therapy & counselling can be an enriching life experience. People seek therapy for many different reasons: for personal growth, to address difficulties or problem areas in their lives, to enhance areas of strength & resilience, as well as for treatment of physical & mental health issues.
We offer treatments of varying levels of intensity. Low to medium intensity treatments include counselling, hypnotherapy and CBT, whilst high intensity treatments include psychological therapy, couples counselling & family therapy. 
Our areas of specialism include:
  • Physical Health (including, but not limited to, diabetes, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, long covid, stroke, IBS, cancer, respiratory conditions, Parkinson's, multiple sclerosis, weight & obesity issues, FND, epilepsy, tinnitus, hyperacusis, misophonia & sleep disorders)
  • Perinatal Mental Health (wellbeing before, during & after pregnancy & the early years, parenting-related distress, birth trauma, conception issues)
  • Common Mental Health Difficulties (for example stress, anger, self-esteem, low mood/depression issues, anxiety, OCD, panic, social anxiety)
  • Bereavement, Grief & Loss (including supporting people who have lost a loved one, a pet, or are grieving a change in circumstances, relationships or health)
  • Healthcare Staff Wellbeing (including qualified & trainee counsellors, psychologists, therapists, mental health professionals, medics & allied health professionals)
  • Workplace Issues (workplace stress, career issues)
We work with people of all ages across the lifespan. Our practitioners have specific expertise in the following age groups:
  • Students & Young People
  • Children & Adolescents
  • Working Age Adults
  • Older Adults
Sessions are available with clinical psychologists, counselling psychologists, CBT therapists and counsellors. We also offer low cost sessions with trainee counsellors and psychologists for certain difficulties or issues.
Therapy models and approaches include:
  • CBT
  • ACT
  • CFT
  • Systemic therapy
  • Community psychology
  • Mindfulness
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Person-centred counselling
  • Neuropsychology
For more information, check out our therapy services here​.

Couples Counselling

We offer couples counselling for a number of relationship difficulties including conflict, parenting issues and physical health support. Couples counselling can also be a preventative treatment, helping to prepare you for any difficulties should they arise in the relationship.

Couples counselling involves exploring and understanding the contributing and maintaining factors that underlie difficulties and identifying any vicious cycles of destructive communication. 


For more information, check out our couples counselling service here​.


Hypnotherapy is an evidence-based treatment for many mental health and physical health issues. The therapist uses clinical hypnosis to help clients enter intro a deeply relaxed state, and then focuses on producing helpful thinking patterns to lead to positive behaviour chance. 

We offer hypnotherapy for a range of issues including low mood, anxiety stress and low self-esteem. Hypnotherapy can also be helpful for breaking habits such as hair pulling, smoking, unhealthy eating & alcohol use. Further, it can be helpful during birth and in those with pain or other physical health issues.

For more information, check out our hypnotherapy service here​.

Staff Wellbeing Support

Working in the health & social care industry can be as challenging as it is rewarding. We offer staff wellbeing sessions that aim to address any traumas or difficulties in the workplace as well as develop self-care skills & resilience in the workforce going forward. Such sessions are informed by evidence-based research & years of clinical experience in the area of staff wellbeing. 

For more information, check out our Employee Support Service here.

Supervision, Consultation & Reflective Practice

Supervision and psychological consultation sessions are available for aspiring & qualified therapists, psychologists, counsellors & other healthcare professionals. We also host reflective practice sessions for teams to support with the processing of difficult or challenging experiences, the management of team dynamics & with thinking through clinical as well as non-clinical pieces of work.

We offer psychological supervision & consultation to aid with professional career development & to inform current clinical practice. These sessions serve to enhance CPD, aiding your development as a scientist-practitioner through linking psychological theory with current & future clinical practice.

For more information, check out our Employee Support Service here​.

Supervision for Private Therapy Work:

As a therapist it is crucial that we receive regular & ongoing supervision of our client work. Professionally, we have over 15 years experience offering 1:1 & group supervision to healthcare staff & psychological therapists. 

We offer case management supervision to qualified therapist's from all disciplines. We work in a collaborative & partnership style, supporting reflective practice & continuing professional development. 

For more information, check out our Employee Support Service here​.


Staff Training & CPD Workshops

Developing psychological-mindedness amongst the healthcare workforce is a key aim of our work. We offer a variety of skills training workshops that can be tailored to the needs of the team & setting. The focus of the workshop is to promote psychological thinking & skills in staff teams; teaching relevant psychological skills to maximise engagement with their own patients to enhance patient wellbeing.

For more information, check out our latest workshops here.

Wellbeing Workshops

We run a number of online wellbeing webinars, courses & workshops that aim to educate attendees on the basics of psychology & teach self-management coping skills to enhance wellbeing & reduce distress. Current workshop topics include: relaxation, stress management, wellbeing before & after pregnancy, sleep management & communication skills training.

For more information, check out our wellbeing workshops here​.

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