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Meet Our Clinicians

clinical psychologist bristol

Dr Lucy Kozłowski

Clinical Psychologist, Service Lead

Dr Lucy Kozłowski is a clinical psychologist specialising in physical health, paediatrics, perinatal wellbeing, staff wellbeing & mental health difficulties. 

psychologist south gloucestershire

Dr Jo Jury

Clinical Psychologist

Dr Jo Jury specialises in complex physical health & mental health conditions, learning disabilities & common mental health presentations.

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Hannah Palmer


Hannah is an integrative person centred therapist and hypnotherapist who works with both adults and children. 

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Lucinda Stirton

Senior Counsellor

Lucinda is a senior counsellor who specialises in common mental health presentations, perinatal mental health & supporting healthcare professionals.

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Dr Anna Byrne-Smith

Clinical Psychologist

Dr Anna Byrne-Smith specialises in physical health, supporting children & young people, ADOS assessments & common mental health difficulties.

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Carolina Wagner

CBT Therapist

Carolina is a CBT therapist & psychotherapist who works with young children, adults & older adults. She specialises in mental health. long term conditions, neuro-developmental conditions, PTSD & eating disorders.

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