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Couples Counselling

We appreciate that modern day living can be very stressful, resulting in difficulties arising in our key relationships. Sometimes these difficulties can become repetitive & couples can become stuck in a pattern of communication & interaction style that is unhelpful or counter-productive. Couples counselling can help couples to identify these relational patterns of interaction that underlie or exacerbate difficulties & explore ways to respond differently.

Our clinicians provide a warm, supportive and neutral space to explore relationship difficulties from. They adopt a non-judgmental, optimistic and encouraging stance, enabling them to help couples to identify their strengths and identify proactive solutions and techniques to move forward.. 


The initial sessions typically focus on an assessment and formulation of the predisposing and precipitating factors that may have contributed to the development of difficulties, as well as the perpetuating factors that may be maintaining difficulties once present. This assessment and formulation then underpins the intervention sessions, which may include some of the following aspects:

Couples counselling sessions are 50 minutes in duration and cost £120 per session. To book a session or to discuss your individual needs please contact us here

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  • Setting shared relationship goals

  • A reflective and processing space

  • Exploration of family rules and scripts

  • Developing effective communication strategies

  • Exploring solutions to commonly occurring problems

  • Addressing 'stuckness' in relational patterns

  • Behavioural experiments

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Meet Our Couples Counsellor

Dr Lucy Kozlowski is a consultant clinical psychologist & the service lead. Dr Kozlowski specialises in physical health, mental health & perinatal wellbeing. She provides couples counselling for a range of issues. For more information, please do check out her page here.

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