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Hypnotherapy is an approach to therapy that uses hypnosis to treat mental and physical health conditions and to break unhelpful habits e.g. comfort eating, smoking, alcohol use.

During hypnotherapy, clients enters into a relaxed subconscious state, enabling the mind to be more open to positive change. The therapist then helps the client to access and develop powerful personal resources that can be purposefully directed towards achieving therapeutic goals.

If you would like to read more about the evidence base for hypnotherapy please check out our blog here

and the below paper:


Hypnotherapy can work well for many issues including:

  • Anxiety

  • Stress

  • Pain management

  • Addiction issues

  • Breaking habits e.g. stopping smoking, comfort eating

  • PTSD

  • IBS

  • Weight loss

  • OCD

  • Sleep issues

  • Phobia

  • Birth fears

  • Trichotillomania (hair pulling)

For some presenting problems (such as smoking cessation) it may be

beneficial to have a double (90 minute) session. Please speak with our

hypnotherapist to identify the best approach for you.


Hypnotherapy in
South Gloucestershire
& Bristol

hypnotherapist south gloucestershire

Hypnotherapy sessions are provided by Hannah Palmer, registered counsellor & hypnotherapist, virtually and face to face in Bristol & South Gloucestershire.

Sessions are £65.00 per 45 minutes

Testimonial from a recent client:


“I have just finished my hypnotherapy sessions with Hannah and I couldn’t be happier. I came to Hannah for sessions for my anxiety and for my hair. I was becoming increasingly unhappy because I had developed a habit with picking my hair. It was really upsetting me because I had developed bald patches and I just couldn’t stop picking it all the time. I would feel self conscious but I just felt like I couldn’t stop. Hannah used the sessions we had together to help me manage my anxiety and for me to stop picking my hair and even sent me a recordings to listen to which I used between our sessions. I feel so much happier now as I am just not the anxious person I was before .. and I finally have my healthy hair back! Thank you so much Hannah I would highly recommend her to anybody. It really has changed my life."

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